I spent over 10 years in QA learning how to break code and over 2 years in software development learning how to build robust, well-designed and well-tested code. Let me share what am I learning during my software travels so that you too can build software that is simpler to add features to, simpler to refactor and have peace of mind that it works as expected.

I’ve written a variety of blog posts that cover various topics during my travels in software development and testing.  My blogs contain lessons learned, 20-20 hindsight and how-to guides.

The tutorials are straight-forward and easy to follow. They contain concrete examples of both tests to write and code to implement.

Many times the ideas for my blogs came from my own struggles in finding the necessary examples I needed online. My thoughts of “if there was just an article that would…” turned into my next blog post!

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Rani Zilpelwar